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CONCRETA 2012 - 2013

 John Colbeck talking


Sabato 1 Dicembre 2012, ore 17.00


Un funerale, due matrimoni e un parto: la ceramica contemporanea

  This illustrated talk will outline some of the changes of attitude, method, purpose and artifact which have taken place within ceramics in modern times. It will show examples of very different concerns in object making and the links which exist between different areas of art activity which have extended the traditional, but continuing role of the potter  as a maker of objects of utility. 


John Colbeck is an English potter who has dedicated his life to investigating various points of view of the ceramic as a potter, teacher, professor, and author.

The event is organized by La Meridiana for ConCreta 2012, with the participation of the Tuscany Region and the Municipalities of Castelfiorentino, Certaldo, Gambassi, Montaione, Montespertoli.
The meeting is open to all. The presentation is in English with translation into Italian.